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Founded in 1893 by Raphaël Chauvin and René Arnoux, Chauvin Arnoux has had a considerable influence on the development of measurement technology.
A long and prestigious list of inventions, such as the Universal Tester (the precursor of the multimeter) and the ammeter clamp, bears witness to this fact. Throughout the 20th century, Chauvin Arnoux filed more than 350 patents and trade marks.

These last few years have been marked by the gain of some impressive brand names such as Metrix, Pyro-Contrôle, Enerdis, Oritel and Radio Contrôle.

We mainly focus to distribute Chauvin Arnoux for industrial test and measurement. We provide 3 services and products including: Enerdis, Pyro - Controle and Manumesure.


ENERDIS offers the electricity industry and service sector all fixed switchboard
equipment for measuring, checking, recording, metering and supervising HT/LT
electricity systems.
The two Chauvin Arnoux® and Enerdis® brands serve the different players in the
electrical industry: switchboard manufacturers, industrial installers, electricity authorities and companies, etc.

PYRO-CONTRÔLE designs, makes and markets temperature sensors and industrial
temperature measurement and control systems. From ”Tailor-made” to standardized product, the Pyro-Contrôle® and Chauvin Arnoux® brands are recognized in industries as demanding as chemicals, petrochemicals, glass, ceramics, metals as well as nuclear power.

With 18 local offices, MANUMESURE repairs, maintains and manages electronic
measuring equipment of all makes. Inspection, calibration in COFRAC
accredited laboratories, electromagnetic compatibility tests, checking and
measuring electrical pollution on-site complete the overall service offered by the
Group’s ”Service” arm.
 Domestic Applications

 Indsutrial or Tertiary Application

 Wireless Telecommunication & LAN Applications

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