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DF S.A. was created in 1988, as a result of the enthusiasm of a group of professionals in the electrical sector. From the first moment, DF ELECTRIC, has been characterised as dynamic and responsive to the needs of the market, with the vocation of supporting its clients throughout the world. By 1992 two events had already taken place that marked the rapid growth of DF ELECTRIC:

• The company’s first exhibition at an electrical equipment trade fair (MATELEC’92),
• The installation of the first totally automated production line.

Both landmarks impelled the unusually fast evolution of DF ELECTRIC.

On the one hand, there was the commercial drive to be present in all markets that made DF ELECTRIC participate in more than 50 fairs on 5 continents, 85% of this participation being at trade fairs in export markets.

While on the other hand, there has been continuous investment of resources in the automation and modernization of production lines. This is what really sets DF ELECTRIC apart, since few companies of its size have developed its own manufacturing technology. These two company characteristics, dynamic commercial expansion and strong investment in technology, transformed DF ELECTRIC into what it is today.

We mainly focus to distribute NH Fuses for industrial protection. The products are categorised by two main products of NH Fuses: NH Fuse links and bases.

 NH Fuse Links (HRC)  NH Fuses Bases
NH Fuse links gG 500V DUAL INDICATOR
NH Fuse links gG 690V DUAL INDICATOR
NH Fuse links aM 500V/690V WITH INDICATOR
NH Fuse links gG 500V/690V WITH STRIKER
NH Fuse links aM 500V/690V WITH STRIKER
ST NH Fuse bases 690V
ST NH Fuse bases Accessories
CR NH Fuse bases 690V
CR NH Fuse bases 690V Accessories
NH Fuse bases Accessories
NH Sectionable neutral bases
BS Fuse switch disconnectors

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