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Havells has emerged as an independent medium sized company with uncompromising ethical standards and a definite global perspective. It has defined conventions and has evolved its very own remarkable structure -one that puts decision maker in close contact with customers and quickly adapts to the rapid changes in technology.

It began as a trading concern in 1958 and today is a major manufacturer and supplier of the widest range of low voltage electrical equipment catering to the needs of domestic and industrial market.

Havells is now perceived as a single source for all your low voltage electrical requirements. Most of its products have both national and international certifications from independent testing authorities, and it is a matter of pride that the company is widely perceived as a quality manufacturer with a reputed brand image. Hence its customers place an unconditional trust in us.

  Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)
Electrical Distribution needs are continuous residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Improved operational safety, continuity of service, greater convenience and operating cost have assumed a tremendous significance. Miniature circuit Breakers have been designed to continuously adopt to these changing needs.

Range :

- 6A to 40A in ‘B’ Curve
- 0.5A to 63A in ‘C’ Curve
- 0.5A to 63A in ‘D’ Curve
- 0.5A to 63A for DC Application

Specification :

IEC 60898 - 2002 / IS 8828-1996

Features :

 10KA short circuit breaking   capacity for ‘B’ and ‘C’ Curve.
 Low power consumption, thus cost   effective & energy saving.
 Suitable for DC application.
' “Finger Safe” terminals - IP 20   degree of protection
 Dual Termination facility.
 15 Plate Arc Chute for effective arc   quenching.
 Silver Graphite contacts for   enhanced life.
 Accessories - Auxiliary Switch.
                    - Shunt Trip

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