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Microelettrica Scientifica was founded in 1953 and continues to design, manufacture, test and sale high voltage and high power resistors for industrial applications. In few words:

  • Reactivity in answering to any of your requests

  • Internationally renowned Know-How

  • An experienced team at your service

MS Resistances has been present in all the major international projects over the past few years and will assist you in your realizations. M.S. Resistances is a subsidiary of the Microelettrica Scientifica Group, specialized in the designing, manufacturing and testing of High Power & High

Voltage Resistors. Resistors manufactured by M.S. Resistances are well known all over the world for their high technical performances and competitive prices. High quality level is achieved by following rules edited by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Our objective is to set-up with you a long-term relation partnership based on competences, reactivity & state of the art service.

M.S. Resistances is responsible for the design & marketing of Power Resistors for industrial applications, in connection with the industrial division of Microelettrica Scientifica.


Designing, development, manufacturing, Testing & Service of:

  • Electronic

  • Electro-mechanical

  • Electrical devices (Microprocessor & Digital Relays, HV & LV contactors up to 5000A, Power Resistors)

PRODUCTS (Neutral Grounding Resistor)

The common solution is applied in MS's NGR products. It is used when the neutral of the supply transformer is available (DELTA/WYE) and its own impedance is not enough to limit the fault current.

Experience has shown that this is the most efficient and economical solution. The advantage of this solution becomes even greater if Ni-Cr steel resistors are used instead of cast iron or liquid resistors.


The existing standards specific for NGR are the IEE - 32 standard. For NGR made from stainless steelm, the allowed temparature rise for 10,30 or 60 sec 760 Celc, 610 Celc for extended time rating and 385 Celc for continous rating. Harmonics filters are built from L/C/R components, they are used to eliminate the harmonics which cause disturbances and energy losses, RESISTORS are used to damp the filter, it is an importance component. They must be able to dissipate the energy pulse when the filter is Switch ON or during overload.

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