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Developing, manufacturing and innovating electrical equipment in Medium and High Voltage, whereby have won public and private organizations awards in recognition of our quality and service.

INAEL is a strategic leadership company to face the challenges and transformations in the XXI century, therefore, our challenge is to expand our lines of business and R+D+I investment

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List of product in Inael

  • Polimer Cut-Out

    Polimer Cut-Out

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    Circuit breakers cut-out ejection are unipolar equipment installed in leads or branches overhead electrical distribution lines to protect equipment against over currents.

  • Surge Arrester

    Surge Arrester

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    • Rated voltage: 36 kV
    • Rated Frequency: 50/60
    • Rated Discharge Capacity (In, 8/20 ?s): up to 40 kA
    • Material of Hosuing: Silicone rubber
    • Short Circuit rating (Is, Frequency 50 Hz): 20 kA (rms) for 0.2 s
    • Type of Polymer Housing: Direct Moulded
    • UV Resistant Bond Energy: >3988 kJ/m
  • Insulator


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    Both in electrical transmission and distribution lines and substations, insulators are used for suspension and support of the electrical conductors. Nowadays the porcelain or ceramic insulator become obsolete because of their fragile resistance to climatic and seismic conditions which could damage the operation of the equipment of high and medium voltage.
  • Current Limiting Fuses

    Current Limiting Fuses

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    The current-limiting fuses are components whose main function is to protect electrical equipment such as distribution transformers, motors and capacitor banks against over currents. INAEL, manufacturer with a long experience in this product,

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