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Cable Preparation Tools


Cable Reparation Tools

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  • CWB 18-60

    CWB 18-60

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    • Remove the outer semi-conductor
    • Diameter ø18 - 60 mm ø0.709 - 2.362 in
    • No silicon needed
    • Fine tuning of the blade with a 'click' for each 1/10 mm
    • Very smooth finish over the insulation
    • Adjustable length of semiconductor cutback : 25-30-40 mm / 0,984-1,181-1,575 in
  • MF3-60


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    • Capacity 16-40mm, 16-58mm O
    • 3-core cable 3x240 Remove the insulation
    • Single core cable 2402 Remove Outer sheath & insulation
    • Single core cable 3002 Remove Outer sheath & insulation
    • This tool serves to peel the outer sheath which is 1 core, semi conductor, insulation and connes
  • PG5 HTB 3535

    PG5 HTB 3535

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    • Capacity 69-95mm Omm
    • 3-core cale 3x240 Perform The Outer Sheath
    • The name of this tool is PG HTB pliers for peeling PE, PVC, PR and rubber sheaths from medium voltage cables, especially for 3-core cables, 240 to 300 mmsq.
  • SBA


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    • 3-core cable 3x240 perform cut on the armour
    • Cable?s strip hanksaw, untuk memotong plat armour
  • GRI


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    • Single core cable 240 2 Remove Bonded Semiconduktor
    • Single core cable 300 2 Remove Bonded Semiconduktor
    • GRI is to remove the remaining bonded semi-conductor that is still attached, by means of gentle sharpening
  • CWB 18-60 FEP

    CWB 18-60 FEP

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    • Capacity 16-60mm O
    • Single core cable 2402 Remove Bonded Semiconduktor
    • Single core cable 3002 Remove Bonded Semiconduktor
  • CWB 28-60 FEP

    CWB 28-60 FEP

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    • 3-core cable 3x240; Single core cable 240/300, SRC; Remove the Palable semi-con
    • 3-core cable 3x240, single core cable 240/300; SCH : Perform XLPE Chanfer
    • SRC is a cutting model like an apple by cutting the threads without breaking SCH, this tool is a separate part of MF2 or Mf3

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