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Chauvin Arnoux

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Chauvin Arnoux

Founded in 1893 by Raphaël Chauvin and René Arnoux, Chauvin Arnoux has had a considerable influence on the development of measurement technology.

A long and prestigious list of inventions, such as the Universal Tester (the precursor of the multimeter) and the ammeter clamp, bears witness to this fact. Throughout the 20th century, Chauvin Arnoux filed more than 350 patents and trade marks.

These last few years have been marked by the gain of some impressive brand names such as Metrix, Pyro-Contrôle, Enerdis, Oritel and Radio Contrôle.


We mainly focus to distribute Chauvin Arnoux for industrial test and measurement.

Our Products

List of product in Chauvin Arnoux

  • Pylon Earth Tester

    Pylon Earth Tester

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    Reliable, accurate and quick for comprehensive earth testing

    Multifunction : 

    • All types of earth resistance measurements: and earth measurement on pylons (C.A. 6474 option)
    • Resistivity (Wenner and Schlumberger methods)
    • Earth coupling
    • Ground potential measurement
    • Continuity / resistance
  • Insulation Tester 6550-6555

    Insulation Tester 6550-6555

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    • Wide measurement range from 10 k? to 30 T?
    • Fixed or programmable test voltage from 40 V to 10/15 kV
    • 5 mA charging current
    • Large backlit LCD screen with digital display, bargraphandR(t)+u(t),i(t) and i(u) graphs
    • Automatic calculation of DAR / PI / DD /?R (ppm/V) ratios
    • Multiple test modes: voltage ramp and step with “burning”, “early break” and “I-limit” modes
  • Earth Tester

    Earth Tester

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    3 testers in one: resistivity, earth, coupling

    Validation of measurement through automatic check:

    • 3 lights indicate the presence of faults liable to impair measurement results
    • Heavy-duty on-site case with cover for use on difficult grounds
    • Large LCD display with backlighting"
  • Qualistar Power and Energy Quality Analyser

    Qualistar Power and Energy Quality Analyser

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    • measure all the required voltage, current and power parameters for a full diagnosis of electrical installations
    • capture and record all parameters, transients, alarms, and wave forms simultaneously
    • easy way to use
    • 4 input voltages and 3/4 input currents
    • Voltage ratio up to 500 kV and Current ratio 100 mA to 6.500 A (including inrush mode)
  • Insulation Tester 6505-6549

    Insulation Tester 6505-6549

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    In their site-proof casing suitable for the severest measurement conditions, the C.A 6505, C.A 6545, C.A 6547 and C.A 6549 megohmmeters offer you the best in insulation testing in terms of accuracy and expertise. As soon as they are connected, they measure voltages, frequencies, capacitances and residual currents on the installation or equipment to be tested. 

    With their multiple functions, they not only qualify the insulation measured, but also ensure genuine preventive maintenance.

  • Power and Energy Loggers PEL102-103

    Power and Energy Loggers PEL102-103

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    With their ergonomic design suitable for all types of cabinets, the PEL loggers provide all your power and energy measurements simultaneously.

  • Power and Energy Loggers PEL105

    Power and Energy Loggers PEL105

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    For your energy audits in the field

    • 5 voltage inputs & 4 current inputs
    • All-terrain shockproof casing resistant to UV light and high temperatures
    • Ideal for mounting on electricity poles
    • Self-powered by its voltage inputs up to 1,000 V
    • Continuous recording at 200 ms intervals
    • Measurements in compliance with IEEE 1459
  • Thermal Camera

    Thermal Camera

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    Concentrated advantages!

    Flexible use thanks to its focus-free capability with 38° x 28° fi eld of view

    Unprecedented! 9 hours’ continuous use!

    Recovery of data from other measuring instruments (current, humidity, dew point, etc.)

    Practical: voice recordings, enhanceable integrated emissivity table, organization of folders by site"

  • Clamp Meter

    Clamp Meter

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    • Diameter clamp 35 mm
    • Measure Ground voltage, leakage current, and impedance
    • Loop resistance measurement from 0.01 to 1500 Ohm
    • Measurement of grounding inductance from 10 to 500 uH
    • Measurement of leakage current from 0.2 mA to 40 A

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