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Digital Electronic Sectionalizer


To bring light everywhere it is necessary to manage electrical energy and transform it into light energy, our portfolio in protection and maneuvering provides security and support applying technology with high engineering standards. No matter where you go, CELSA always takes care of you, lighting your life on highways, viaducts, shopping centers, urban, rural and residential roads, shopping centers, pedestrian paths and many more places

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  • 1 Phase Or 3 Phase Digital Electronic Sectionalizer

    1 Phase Or 3 Phase Digital Electronic Sectionalizer

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    The CELSA interchangeable electronic sectionalizer is an automatic tripping device that can sectionalize failure on down-stream protected circuits from the main recloser or breaker. It does not have the capability to interrupt failure currents.

  • FWT 200

    FWT 200

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    The data collector FWT200 for FCI ? SIX has been developed to offer excellent operating features, low maintenance, configuration flexibility and vandal-resistant for pole installation. The data collector allows managing nine (9) SIX-DG (Sectionalizer), and reporting the information acquired through them to a web-server. For this propose, it uses a radio-frequency link for communication with SIX-DG and a GPRS link for the server communication.

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