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Protection Relays, M-Line, MC-Line, N Din & Ultraline

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  • Protection Relays

    Protection Relays

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    G-Base is the new generation of Microelettrica Scientifica's base-performance protection relays. This range is the ideal solution for protection and automation, thanks to its high configurability. It is based on the same powerful microprocessor adopted on high-performance G-Pro range. G-Base platform is based on a four-channel configuration, allowing it to be used for current and voltage protection functions. MC30-2T, part of the G-Base range, is a relay designed for the interface to the power distribution grid

  • Switches


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    • The bar mounted modular extra heavy duty line, up to 1000V DC/AC application, up to 6000A/pole
    • Stationary application only
    • Up to 6 poles coniguration, NO and NC poles direct arc blow out various aux contacts options
    • Flexible control and adjustment conigurations, total unit customization possible
  • A-Line Analogue Relay

    A-Line Analogue Relay

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    The series of electronic analogic protective relays here below presented has been designed according to the most advanced technologies in order to obtain the highest reliability, accuracy and immunity to interference and is made with first choice components safely dimensioned and protected. The application of severe testing and quality control procedures guarantees the reliability of the product.

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