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Indicator and Protection

We provide high quality service, trusthworthiness and product to reach “quality” customers.

  • Indicator

    Quality of product
  • Protection

    Quality of product
    • Nortroll

      • LineTroll110E; 
      • CableTroll (GFD);
      • Mounting pole; 
      • ComTroll 
      • FDP 15

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    • Protrol

      Protrol offers specialized products and services. A dedicated quality work is of great benefit to both us and our customers, allowing employees at Protrol feel a genuine responsibility that the deliveries match, and preferably exceed, requirements and expectations.

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    • Kries

      Intelligence for Energy Distribution Grids: Monitoring, Protection, Automation

      Focus on Power Presence. Increase the intelligence and availability of your power distribution grid with Kries systems and components for smart medium and high-voltage distribution grids.

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    • Microelettrica Scientifica

      • Microprocessor based relays
      • MC Line
      • M-Line
      • Ultra Line
      • N-DIN Line

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