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Sibille Fameca Electric

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Sibille Fameca Electric

SIBILLE FAMECA Electric is a major actor in electrical risk prevention equipment as well as construction and network management equipment.

As a member of the ESP division (Electrical Safety Products), SFE relies on the experience from itsown manufacturing plants to offer its customers high-performance solutions for all three voltage fields (LV, MV and HV).

The goals aspired to by SFE since its creation are :

SFE focuses on innovation in order to provide solutions adapted to evolving global technological networks and thereby effectively optimizes power distribution and management.

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Our Products

List of product in Sibille Fameca Electric

  • Conductor Cover

    Conductor Cover

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  • TAG5000 Phase Comparator

    TAG5000 Phase Comparator

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  • TAG330 HV Voltage Detector

    TAG330 HV Voltage Detector

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    Devices features an electronic detection system with miniature gas discharge tubes.

    This original configuration gives it very high performances, especially in the case of high induction and/or parasitic electric fields. 

    Voltage detector with permanent standby an built-in self test Stability of detection sensitivity and threshold

    High electromagnetic immunity

    Sound and light indica on to face most environment of work 

    Device designed to test for the absence of voltage on HV systems up to 735 kV Indica on of the absence of voltage and correct opera on of the device by a green LED

    Can be used in all weather 

  • TAG220 Voltage Detector

    TAG220 Voltage Detector

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    These devices feature an exclusive multi-sensor technology and come with an internal calculator, enabling them to provide at once :

    - a wide safety margin for voltage detection, including in difficult configurations, 

    - better immunity to the influences of other voltages close to the point tested

    - Designed to check absence of nominal voltage by direct contact to the line

    - It is usually used prior to earthling opera on of a three-phase voltage system 

  • TAG780D LV Voltage Detector TAG780R with Phase Rotation

    TAG780D LV Voltage Detector TAG780R with Phase Rotation

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  • Vector Proximity Proximity Voltage Detector

    Vector Proximity Proximity Voltage Detector

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  • Grounding Cable

    Grounding Cable

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    After a safety protection guarantee is in effect, the equipment to be worked on must be tested to verify isolation before grounding and blocking begins. A er testing to verify isolation, the person at the worksite responsible for each crew must verify that required grounding and blocking devices are in place before work begins. Grounding and blocking of any equipment that may be hazardous to workers must be carried out as close as practicable to the worksite. If grounding and blocking is not safe or practicable, written safe work procedures acceptable to the Board must be followed. Grounding and blocking devices may be removed for the purpose of conducting tests. 

  • PICOUP 250/400

    PICOUP 250/400

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    SPIKING cable to check and ensure the absence of voltage not tension on LV and MV underground cables before cutting them

    - LV cable 3x240mm2 with reinforced steel wire

    - MV cable 3x240mm2 with reinforced steel wire 

    The spiking of the multi polar cable Enables the user to limit any resulting short circuit to a single-phase / ground fault when spiking multi  core cables. This causes any protective devices to trip before a 2 or 3 phase fault can be created.

    CUTTING a er spiking opera on in full safetyMAX cable diameter : Ø100mm 

    Cutting, after the spiking opera on the so disconnected cable may then be safely cut. 

  • Insultion and Working Gloves

    Insultion and Working Gloves

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    Insulating rubber gloves available in all classes, many sizes, different lengths and colors. Leather protectors are recommended to be worn over Electrovolt gloves to ensure mechanical protection (local regulations, work prac ces and risk analysis apply). 

  • Safety Glasses for Live Line Working TP05B3

    Safety Glasses for Live Line Working TP05B3

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    An -slip ps for a be er support Welding filters grade 3

    Adjust itself to all face shapes 

    Technical specifications: 

    Protection against UV, bright light, flying particles and infrared light Polycarbonate lens, UV protection, an -scratch and an -fog

    Impact resistant (45m/s) and resistant to extreme temperatures (-5°C to +55°C) Op cal quality : class 1 

  • Helmets TC402B

    Helmets TC402B

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    • Stroke absorp on a er condi oning in temperatures of -30°C and + 50°C,
    • Protec on against molten metal splash (MM)
    • Protec on against lateral deforma ons (LD)
    • Protec on against electric shock (Class 0), 1000V (AC), 1500 V (DC), up to 2200 V (Class G regarding ANSI Z89.1)
    • Face Shield:
    • Op cal class 1
    • Protec on against UV radia on (2C-1,2)
    • Protec on against thermal hazards of an electric arc (class 2) box test 7 kA/0,5 sec 
  • ALADIN MV Individual Voltage Warning & Height Light

    ALADIN MV Individual Voltage Warning & Height Light

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    ALADIN is designed to provide extra safety level for workers oper- a ng near energized equipment (during maintenance, rescue opera- ons, pain ng, pruning,...) in electrical environment.

    This device combines a head light and a personal voltage alarm 

  • Safety shoes with insulating 20kV Fully non Metal C99-ISOL

    Safety shoes with insulating 20kV Fully non Metal C99-ISOL

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    EN ISO 20345:2013

    ASTM F2413—20KV


    Recommended for applications in the electrical industry in dry conditions. 


    HRO = heat resistance of the sole (300 °C during 1 min),

    EH = Dielectric resistance of the sole : up to 20 kV (regarding ASTM F2412)


    En rely non-metallic.

    Low upper : water repellant full grain leather, derby-type, thickness : 2 mm

    Breathable micro-aerated inner lining.

    Fastened with laces.

    Removable antistatic and antibacterial insole

    PU/Nitrile sole, resistant to oil and hydrocarbons, insulated up to 20 kV in dry conditions 

  • C2310 Cable and Phaser Identifier For De-Energized Three Phase Cables

    C2310 Cable and Phaser Identifier For De-Energized Three Phase Cables

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    Specific design complying with current safety regulations related to opera on and access to electrical de-energized networks and installations.


    This cable identifier is designed to work on a 3 phase de-energized cable short-circuited and earthed at both ends. 

    This cable identifier is in line with the safety procedure called SECURE IDENTIFICATION and for this provides: 

    - Cable iden fica on between its ends, in a trench among other cables energized or not, before spiking and cu ng 

    - Checking of con nuity between two ends of this cable before and after cutting on both sides of the cut. 

    Positive identifica on of the 3 phase conductors og this cable before and after cutting on both sides og the cut 

  • FC2300CP


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    Cable and phaser identifier for de- energized three phase cables

  • GCA


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    Composite insulating gloves with arc flash protection

  • GC


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    Insulating composite gloves

  • GLB


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    Insulating latex gloves

  • SG


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    Leather overgloves

  • TB19


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    Live Working safety boots 20 000 V

  • TC42ES : E-Shark helmet

    TC42ES : E-Shark helmet

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    Safety helmet with integrated face shield for electricians

  • TC402


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    Electrician Helmet with integrated face shield, ATPV 8,4 cal/cm2

  • VES Electrical Safety Kit

    VES Electrical Safety Kit

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    The electrical safety kit allows to assist people in presence of electrical hazards, up to 25 kV network with model VES25 or up to 36 kV network with model VES36.

    This kit is particularly suitable for the following situations :

    • Road accidents
    • Electric and hybrid cars
    • Cable removal
    • Work on photovoltaic panels • Work on electrified railways • Industry
  • GA25


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    Soft leather gloves

    EN 420 / EN 388 (mechanical protection : Abrasion 3 - Slicing 1 - Tear 3 - Perforation 3)

  •  GICN80-2 and GICN80-3

    GICN80-2 and GICN80-3

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    Bicolor chlorinated long composite gloves for medium voltage live working operations (gloving method). Integrated mechanical protection: no need of leather protector. Bell cuff and ergonomic hand shape. One piece only, with excellent leakage current properties (Category F): it is possible to work in wet conditions (if allowed by local regulations and work practices).

  • Arc Flash Daily Wear Class 1

    Arc Flash Daily Wear Class 1

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    • AFHV8 (8 cal/cm2)
    • AFPRO12 (12 cal/cm2)


    • AFCOM10 (10 cal/cm2)
    • AFSIB12 (12 cal/cm2) Double Certification Fabric + Garment
  • FC300


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    Live LV feeder and cable identifier - 6 to 12 feeders

  • Arc Flash Daily Wear Class 2

    Arc Flash Daily Wear Class 2

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    • AFPRO41 (41 cal/cm2)


    • AFSIB25 (25 cal/cm2) Double Certification Fabric + Garment
  • Partial Discharge Scanner

    Partial Discharge Scanner

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    The PDS allows online partial discharge detection on underground cable accessories and equipment for safety and maintenance purposes. This compact and lightweight instrument is battery operated and it has a an autonomy of 30 hours. The Partial Discharge intensity level is displayed on the instrument with the bargraph.

  • Arc Flash Swiching Wear

    Arc Flash Swiching Wear

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    ARC40 (40 cal/cm2) Double Certification Fabric + Garment

    ARC53 (53 cal/cm2) Double Certification Fabric + Garment

  • TAG5000


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    Wireless phase comparator, from 4 kV to 500 kV

    An alternative to the voltmeter for checking the phase coincidence in a network before looping.

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