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Reduced Outage Time

“To maximize the profitability and efficiency of electricity grid operators through cost reducing and timesaving solutions for fault finding, surveillance, remote control and automation of distribution grids”

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  • Fault Indicator SUTM Conductor Mounting

    Fault Indicator SUTM Conductor Mounting

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    Distribution Networks (6-50kV) LineTroll 110E?R is a line mounted indicator for detection of PtG and PtP faults in overhead line networks.

  • LineTroll R110CQ

    LineTroll R110CQ

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    The LineTroll R110C RIS Remote Indicator System uses line mounted fault indicator LineTroll 110E?r and the pole mounted SMS/GPRS sending device LineTroll R110CQ.

  • ComTroll 118C Collector

    ComTroll 118C Collector

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    Com. Unit for Integration With NorTroll or Third Party RTU

    Communicates with 1 – 12 line mounted indicators Communicate with the RTU on MODBUS

    Output Messages

    • 3 for indicators (phase / feeder)
    • Missing “heartbeat”/low battery • Los of Voltage
    • Load currenrt

    Short range radio; 2,4 GHz

    Range up to 30-50 meter Remote Indication

    12 VDC power

  • Comtroll 115

    Comtroll 115

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    Communication Between Linetroll and Comtroll 115

    The rotary switch on the ComTroll 115 called “ADDRESS” should be set to the number of indicators used in this location, in this case ‘3’.

    Able Integration with any type of RTU Modem’s supported by Digital Input and Output.

    The indicators will in PtP mode operate one individual relay output on the ComTroll 115C each. The Communication failure/Low Battery relay on the ComTroll 115C will be activated if one or more the three indicators send this message.

  • Ground Fault Detector CableTroll 210 EFI

    Ground Fault Detector CableTroll 210 EFI

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  • Ground Fault Indicator CableTroll 23X0

    Ground Fault Indicator CableTroll 23X0

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    CableTroll 2310 is an indicator for detection of earth faults (PtG) on multi-core and single core cable terminations. The unit uses NorTroll type current sensor (CT)

  • FDP-15


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    The FDP-15 can be used as a radio interface to a collector or fault indicator when sending configuration data to the unit.

    FDP-15 have also a memory where parameters for different types of fault indicators and collectors can be stored. The memory can store one set of parameters for one type of field device of the following type;

    • LineTroll R400D
    • LineTroll 110E?r
    • LineTroll R110CG/CQ

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