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Fast Fault Detection


Intelligence for Energy Distribution Grids: Monitoring, Protection, Automation

Focus on Power Presence. Increase the intelligence and availability of your power distribution grid with Kries systems and components for smart medium and high-voltage distribution grids: Voltage detection systems, transformer protection, short circuit indicators, earth fault indicators, protection relays, RTUs, SCADA or buffered power supplies.

Kries offers complete solutions for transformer stations: from Voltage Detection and Transformer Protection to RTUs and PC-based SCADA to increase transparancy and efficiency of your grid

Decentralisation of intelligence in power distribution grids has just begun. With Kries products and systems you introduce more intelligence to your grid. We offer solutions for the following applications:

Transform your existing energy network cost-efficiently into an intelligent distribution grid. Automate your ring-main units step by step and thus lay the foundations for flexible energy management.

With Kries systems you can easily retrofit and convert existing systems, while for new systems the intelligence can be added easily and comfortably.

Our Products

List of product in Kries

  • Short circuit/earth fault indicator IKI 20

    Short circuit/earth fault indicator IKI 20

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    • Self test function
    • Analog and digital outputs
    • User adjustable parameters
    • Fault detection and indication features
    • Applicable in closed loop or radial networks and Free of maintenance
    • powered by current transformers.
  • Light Earth Fault Detector IKI 10

    Light Earth Fault Detector IKI 10

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    • Earth fault detector
    • Reiable fault detection
    • Dry contacs for remote monitoring
    • Parameters adjustable by user
    • Selft tes function
    • Include energy buffer
    • Included split core transformer
    • Wall mountable or panel type housing available
    • Optional blinking unit for remote outdoor indication
  • Directional fault indicator IKI 23

    Directional fault indicator IKI 23

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    • No battery required lntegrated self-test function
    • Conformance to IEC standard IEC 61243-5 Maintenance-free due to self-test and self-monitoring
    • Voltage detection system module for retrofitting IKl-23
    • Complete insulation monitoring of the capacitive divider Result: Fault-detection and voltage detection inone space-saving housing
  • Current Transformer IKI-LUM-D92

    Current Transformer IKI-LUM-D92

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    • The current transformer IKI-30-LUM-D92 has a separable core and is suitable for retrofit to low-voltage cables
    • touch-proof shielded medium-voltage single- conductor cables and to touch-proof single conductors of three-conductor cables.
    • The current transformercan also be attached to isolated low-voltage busbars (< 1kV).
  • Capacitive Voltage Sensor

    Capacitive Voltage Sensor

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    • Capacitive sensors for 12 - 36kV
    • Voltage detection
    • Voltage measuring
    • With Post-insulator funtionality ( TSKA ) or without post functionality ( KKE )
  • Mounting Kit For Voltage Sensors

    Mounting Kit For Voltage Sensors

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    • Easy retrofitting of voltage sensors directlyat cable
    • Terminations of air -insulated switchgears
    • Minimal effort = minimal disconnecting time
    • Safe voltage detection with CAPIDS due to closed switch doors during operation

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