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ENERTELINDO whose core business was initially to Import and Distribute electrical goods and equipment in INDONESIA was established in January 1994. We have our main HQ office located in Jakarta, INDONESIA.

We would like to welcome you for choosing us to provide your needs of electrical equipment and tools. This website will guide you to explore a wide range of our products for improving your requirements, allowing you to choose appropriate products for your company and its unique needs. The final goal is to deliver the high quality products and services that reach "quality" for customers and their own benefits.

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IAF Certified QA Certified IAS Certified ISO Certified

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New Release

Our main line of activity is to distribute, import and procure electrical equipments and components. We classify the products based on its function.

Ground Fault Detector CableTroll 210 EFI

Ground Fault Detector CableTroll 210

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Voltage Booster: Stabilising Low Voltage Lines

Voltage Booster: Stabilising Low Voltage Lines

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Stabilizing voltage for long LV lines or sea cables. Supporting telecom base station transmitters for GSM and UMTS, vacation homes, weekend cottages, rural homes and stores, farms, fish farms, production plants etc. Provisional power supply for construction areas, tunnels etc. Stabilizing voltage in the grid when voltage fluctuation is caused by distributed generation like solar cells, hydropower or wind- power-plants. Stabilizing and lifting voltage on the LV side, when voltage drop is caused on 1kV or higher. For ground cables in rural or densely populated areas. Mounted on the ground or on poles.

ULYS MCM Multi Channel Meter

ULYS MCM Multi Channel Meter

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The solution for centralizing measurement on multiple electrical feeders

  • Compact : 18 three-phase meters in 1¬†
  • Quick implementation¬†
  • Compatible with a large number of sensors
Fault Detector with Built-in RTU  IPC4022

Fault Detector with Built-in RTU IPC4022

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Fault Detector with Built-in RTU IPC4022 is a fault detector for overcurrent and earth faults with integrated remote terminal unit functionality. It has I/O for indications

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